Only two people…


Apparently there’s a bit of uproar going on regarding the actions of a couple of U.S. Marines in Afghanistan.  Reportedly, a handful of them, overly emotional over a victory over Taliban terrorists did choose to mark that victory by urinating on the corpses of a couple of dead Taliban.

This had lead John McCain and other U.S. political powerhouses to demand a rebuke of the actions of the Marines involved, and demand repremend / punishment.

What’s our take on it?  It’s very simple (and don’t you love our simple-to-the-point whitticisms?):

Only two people in this world ever died for you, and would gladly do it again – Jesus Christ and the United States Marine Corps.


Meet Death

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In commenting on the recent (although beyond-extremely-unlikely) prospect of Kevin Nash vs. Warrior tustling it out in a Mixed Martial Arts Cage, one forum member at a well trafficked MMA site, called CageSideSeats, stated…

In a fight that isn’t obvious either way, always take the crazier guy, not the bigger guy. I’m going with Warrior.

by Grim Spandango on Jan 6, 2012 12:23 PM EST

Which was later re-inforced by…

Bat-shit insane beats a big mouth with a bigger ego any day.

by GunShark on Jan 7, 2012 1:41 AM EST

We here at SpinelliCreations could not help but agree.  A strong mind (which many may perceive as ‘bat-shit’-insane) is a very powerful tool (in both the intellectual and physical realms).  Failure to realize this is methaphorical suicide, and – depending on the circumstances – can also be ‘actual’ suicide.


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DIRGE – then and now.

Anyone who knows me already knows that I am a ‘Transformers-a-holic’.

Michael Bay movies? — not so much.  New animated stuff? — not so much.  Japanese remakes? — not so much.

1982 – 1986 + G1/G2, Beast Wars, Beast Machines, The War Within — ding, ding, ding, ding!!!! Yes sir, yes sir.

So, with that, I leave you an image of G1 Dirge – the evil Decepticon Seeker – in all his original 1983 glory, as well as his 2010/11 ‘Classics’ re-mold.  Ironically, I got both for Christmas – one a long long time ago, one just today.

Pardon the kitchen table, I was too giddy to fuss around putting up a white background.



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Occupy Halloween – Wardrobes that is.


The ever-funny Colbert Report has commented on the past decade-or-so long trend of “sexy women’s halloween costumes”, and they’ve offered a counterpoint.  That is, specifically, the “sexy men’s halloween costume”.  Their chosen example? — Sexy Hazmat Worker Guy.  Go figure…  we’re not so sure Thyne Benevolent Dictator could pull that off.  In fact, we’re positive he can’t.

Note: images are screencaptures of a televised broadcast, property of Viacom (ala the program “The Colbert Report”, airdate Nov. 1, 2011) and are used for the purpose of clarifying commentary upon the broadcost.

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Keep Your Pimp Hand Strong


Got bored… got really bored… figured out the battery fiasco.  Gutted the ‘outdoor audio extravaganza’ from the bed and have converted to — well, you’ll see.



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That boy is a Monster… mu mu mu Monster.


That server’s a monster… if it wasn’t for the occasional power outage (the ‘blessing’ of lake-effect-snow storms) and hardware failures, these uptimes would be better.  Regardless, they’re not bad in the least.  The list of “1 year uninterrupted uptime” for Unix / Linux servers far outshines that of Win-based units — even though Windows systems eat up the majority of the marketplace / installed systems.

Here are two of our own… and – both running RHEL 5.4 derivatives (Fermi CERN’s Scientific Linux).



These aren’t slouches, but they’re a far cry from SUN SPARC’s.  For example, we’ll have to reboot in the next few weeks or so, after a failed RAID-disk has been replaced (both of them have lost a disk over the past few months – the benefit of RAID-6, no worries).  While the drives and backplane are hot-swappable, the host (disk) adapter is not.  Perhaps the point that should be made here is that, were it not for the occasional hardware failure needing service, these systems would basically never be rebooted — a testament to the versatility (in terms of ability to upgrade / make changes on the fly without rebooting the OS) and robust performance (rock solid kernel stability results in an un-degraded system over time) of the Linux OS.

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Fox News: the Network that Couldn’t Cry

Far Right-Wing hypocrites love Johnny Cash – at least that’s what their rider indicates in Article 7, Paragraph 42, Subsection 398.

Johnny tells us that the insensitive and insane will eventually cry without end; and, after 41 days and 41 nights of constant tears, they will die of dehydration. As far as the rest of society is concerned, that day cannot come fast enough for our anti-friends over at Fox and Friends.

The network’s continued verbal abuse of Chaz Bono is becoming something of the ages.  For anyone living under a rock, Chaz Bono is the child of Cher and the deceased Sonny Bono, epically known in the days of Free Love and Great American Muscle Cars as “Sonny and Cher”.

We’re not going to call Chaz ‘transgendered’, because who wants to forever be known as “So-and-so, the transgendered kid of Some-Famous-Person”.  There’s a detached sense of disdain that goes along with that – so we’re just going to call it like it is.  Chaz was born with “girl parts”, but for whatever reason didn’t feel that the “label on the can” matched the “contents inside”.  And while we here at the SC Command Center for All things Philosophical honestly have no idea what we woud do in such a situation, since we have not been in such a situation (Which makes you wonder how many people at Fox News -have- been?  Hmm…), we get the whole idea that it may feel a bit uncomfortable (at first) to learn that Chaz went through years of internal turmoil, self discovery, counseling, and – ultimately – pain (emotional and physical) to come to the decision where he (yes, we said “he”; he’s a “he” now – and he wouldn’t like to be called “she” anymore than Brett Favre or Mitt Romney would – then again…) would have gender changing surgery.

“Ouch”, right?  Well, yes – very “ouch”, for Chaz, but not for you or your socio-political mindset – unless it’s so weak from being built upon lies and F.U.D. that it can’t withstand someone exercising their Truly American Inalienable Right to Be True to Thyne Own Self.  No… never… that couldn’t the case with anyone at Fox News, could it?

We here at SC believe that Chaz Bono should be regarded simply as this… just another B-list celebrity.  He speaks on the rights of the oppressed, and on changing culture / curtailing harassment / and breaking down stereotypes.

The greatest gesture of respect you can give this man is to view him (when on television or the internet or wherever) just as he is, agree or disagree with his opinions just as you would with any other media-type personality, throw a beer at the television and call him a “Frakkin Asshole” or a “Frakkin Genius” (depending on your particular feelings regarding his opinion on whatever he may be talking about at the time), and get way past the business of his ‘business’.



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Hemi Big Block….. scooter. – part 4

Mission accomplished.

Couple weeks of ‘on and off’ work and our little project has come to a close as a complete success.

The build has been rolled together into a little design “proof of concept / prototype” here…


Additional Goodies!! - the SpinelliCreations 3MT for Project D1C, the Minimal Manly Metal Trunk. It’s a small steel trunk, designed to mimic the shape of a typical 50cc scooter luggage rack, retain a small size (so as not to look silly, as many of the scooter trunks on the market today do on a small bike), and install easily. We know, you want one too, right?  No sweat, here’s the project write-up, along with CAD drawings for parts fabrication, and assembly…


The above two documents are licensed under Creative Commons CC-NC-LD, to you (the reader) by SpinelliCreations.  Below is a copy of that license…


And just for your viewing pleasure, here’s a summary video…



Here’s another video, discussing the 3MT, and some other random thoughts (pardon the darkness – we shot the video at dusk, as the sun was going down)…



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Hemi Big Block….. scooter. – part 3

Argh matey – thar be scooter parts fer sale on yonder –


Lots of Scooter Parts for Sale…


Recently, we tore down a 2011 Puma Cycle Corp. (PCC) Angel 50 for a massive performance retrofit. In the process of doing so, obviously, many of the stock “oem” parts were permanently removed and are no longer needed (as they’ve been replaced or eliminated due to the performance upgrades).

These parts have a total of about 300 miles (yes, three hundred – it’s a new scooter, what would you expect), so they’re “like new” (but obviously not new – the point is, they’re in extremely good condition).


Terms of Sale:

All sales are final. We do not accept returns or offer refunds. You should consider this sale to be “AS-IS”. We’re not a Scooter Parts Vendor – if you would like a warranty, then by all means, by from an authorized Scooter Parts Vendor such as the great people over at (where we got all our performance gear from). We’re just offering a great deal on some gently used stock / oem parts. No more, no less.



We ship anywhere in the USA and Canada. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs, which should pop up next to the auction price based upon your location. Obviously, the closer you are to New York, the cheaper it is to ship. We prefer to ship USPS as it is the cheapest, however, please refer to the various offered shipping methods to see exactly what we can do for you.


Payment Methods:

We strictly accept PayPal only as a payment method, and will ship only to the “PayPal Confirmed Address”. This is for both your security and ours.

All prices are in US Dollars unless otherwise noted (eBay may do the “automatic conversion” for you, if you’re in Canada – which is fine, we’ll accept whatever eBay’s conversion rate is on currancy at the time of ‘checkout’).


So what’s on the block?

– visit our ebay store at

– carburetor / head / jug (cylinder) with piston and rings / ignition cable and coil / trunk ‘lock box’ / camshaft / speedometer (odometer) assembly / roller weights / drive belt / front fender / and more.  (Follow up – we ended up clearing about $250 for all of the ‘pulled’ stock parts that were no longer needed.  Not too shabby, but keep in mind this was only possible because we put ‘almost new’ parts on the auction block [they had less than 300 miles on them] – old components would not be worth the cost of the auction fees.)

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Hemi Big Block….. scooter. – part 2

Ok, so we tore it down without taking pictures… sue us.

I’ll get them taken prior to reassembling. (Follow up – we never did end up taking pictures prior to reassembly… battery in the digi-cam was dead.)

The good news is, teardown took all of 3 hours – that included removing the entire drive assembly from the scooter.  So, provided all goes well, reassembly should take no more than 3 or 4 hours, and figure another hour to tune it.

For those interested – the “shop manual” for these little Chinese wonders is written in, you guessed it, Chinese / Taiwanese.

A great little website called has taken the time to publish an english-language instruction manual for a ‘big bore install’ (aka. “big block install”).  This includes torque specs and timing reference.

We’ve punched it out into a PDF and posted it here for reference purposes – it is, of course, property of, and in no way is supposed to represent the views, opinions, or reccommendations of  In addition, it is assumed that the reader uses this information at their own risk, and that any nefarious mayhem that may occur, such as inadvertantly damaging your scooter engine / your scooter / blowing the motor completely / causing harm or injury to yourself – others – or property, if – of course – NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY of SpinelliCreations or 49ccScoot.  If you don’t know what you’re doing, then don’t bother – have an experienced mechanic perform the work for you.

That said… here you go…


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