My Wife and Kids…

My wife is an unwavering pillar of integrity.  My kids are the gift she’s given me for the past 2 years.  It’s not all pretty – on a daily basis, I threaten to kill at least 2 of the 3.  While there’s not a fixed or regular rotation of who exactly is going under the sword on any given day, the field does cycle around.

Tonight, I get to yell at our Unicorn, Sierra, which is good times, because it bores the hell out of her. Hashtag “LOCK THE DOOR IF YOU’RE THE LAST ONE LEAVING THE HOUSE!!!” … burned, so burned.

Alex karate chops me before going to bed each night – I think that’s Ninja speak … love you too, dude.

Colin is a son any man would be lucky to have.  And he has also, personally, put me into fits of rage so thorough and complete that I’ll likely lose a good 30 years off my life-span.

And my wife is an unwavering pillar of integrity, but I already told you that.  We do alright.  We quibble, and we cuddle.  We debate, and we celebrate.  I’d like to think we live and love, in many ways, as though “somebody left the gate open”.

We’ve just welcomed our newest son to the family – Michael.  And while she or I try to find the appropriate answer to the half dozen polite but clueless hospital staff who ask, “is this your first [child]?”, I debate the effectiveness of a T-shirt that says, “My first baby, not my first kid.”

My daughter showed me how to pirate tv-shows only minutes after they’ve aired.  My middle son makes the best goddman Mac-N-Cheese you’ve ever tasked.  And my eldest boy, he built The Warrior with me (my ’93 Dodge pickup truck).  I’m not sure what the future holds for my youngest, but I’m sure it will involve a lot of mistakes on my end, a lot of patience on my wife’s part, a hundred thousand miles of prayers, and a lotta love.

For my wife and kids…

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