Banana Pancakes and Thoughts on Life

You wouldn’t think it to be a moment of gravity, but it was.   In a South Buffalo Denny’s – – I find myself questioning what it is I’m doing with my life.

As a society, we look back to our known archetypes for assurance of what is and is not ‘right’, for clues to make sense of our current lot and for forming our future decisions.  Being an indignant bastard doesn’t change that.  With a hundred points of useless minutia rattling around in my head, I was perturbed by an overwhelming desire for ‘Zesty Nachos’ because I just wasn’t ‘feeling it’ that night.  Nothing else seemed to peak my interest, and menu item after menu item simply increased my lust for ‘Zesty Nachos’, which my 11-30 PM stomach (uncharacteristically) did not want to handle.  A few minutes later, I scroll back through breakfast items and come across ‘Banana Pecan Pancakes’ and, as if I had found the formula for turning iron ore into gold, I blurted out “banana fuckin’ pancakes!“.

Impressed with my finding, but unwilling to admit that I had discovered it first, my fiance responded that she too had seen them but was wishy-washy on the decision.  A guarded conversation ensued, and an amicable truce was arrived at.  She would get them if I got them, and I would get them if she got them.  Very dignified and mature of us, if I do say so.


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Whilst mocking her choice of ‘death on a plate‘ original bacon versus ‘I’m going to live forever‘ turkey-bacon, I was reminded of my archetypes.  For 30 years, I watched my grandfather say “whatever she’s having”, and always thought he was just being efficient (not that there’s anything wrong with efficiency).  After a couple serious relationships, and countless whose names I didn’t remember at the time, let alone now, I can honestly say that I’ve never ordered the same thing as my counterpart – until now.

Maybe we’re just getting that comfortable and boring around each other.  Maybe we’re becoming efficient.  Or maybe this is how it’s supposed to be; un-forced, organic, and natural.  It sounds better on paper than in reality, but that’s alright.

In short, my advice to you (whomever you random people are that may read this article) is to just enjoy your time with your ‘someone’.  You spend most of your life working, swindling, trying to get ahead, and running 500 different errands.  Take some time, or make some time if you have to.  … and get a stack of those pancakes, they’re really good (really, really good).

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