Some of the best people…

Sometimes, you’ve got to move on to move forward.  Bittersweet, but necessary.

That said, to all my friends (and I use that word intentionally – so many of you have become my friends) at LAG, I leave you with the following:

You are, by far, the brightest, most driven, and some of the hardest working people that I have ever met.  You inspire me.  I am proud – absolutely and wholly proud – to have had the privilege of working with you for so long.

Good skilled tradesmen are hard to come by; it is not often that so many are gathered in one place.

… and good bosses are hard to come by; it’s been nothing short of an honor to work for my most recent one.

If I’ve impressed anything on you, I hope it is this: do not compromise what you feel is right.  Your opinion is the one that matters most.  When you believe in yourself and those around you, then you can accomplish great and wonderful things.

You can breathe life into machines.  In that way, and only in that way, can you have a tiny glimpse at what it is to be God – to give life to that which was nothing before you put your back into it.

Keep up the good work,
- Vince

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