Scavenger – Completed (none too soon)


A couple weeks of spurratic efforts (as various parts arrived – most late), and Scavenger is complete.  Actually, it was done Saturday, but oh-so-far from tuned.

The more dynamic (for lack of a better term: separately powered drivers) contained within a system, the more difficult it becomes to tune.  Specifically, active networks create a problem due to their inherent lack of prevision adjustment devices.  Unless there’s a Rockford 360 hiding underneath your seat, you’re likely to wind up with an oscilloscope perched gently upon the dash whilst trying to dial each device ‘in’.

Well… it’s been a few years, and access to a 15k USD Agilent instrumentation / small signal ‘scope is no longer an option.  Attempts with a Fluke power line / controls ‘scope proved pretty good.  Dare, I say, on point!  However, this requires that each measured point be driven under load, and generating a large enough waveform to minimize error (while under load) was beyond difficult.  A perfectly good set of tweeters sacrificed theirselves for the cause.

Having installed the last backup set on hand, I decided that it was time to either invest in an instrumentation ‘scope, or see what Steve Meade was up to… Are you curious?  His CC-1 and DD-1 prototypes are in full production now, and available to the general public at rock-bottom prices.  You can pick up both as a combo-pack for around $300 USD.  …beyond “well worth it”.  Within a fraction of a percent they enable crossover point selection, gain matching, and less than 1% THD detection for amplifier and source unit signal maximization.

And you can do it all -WITHOUT- a load present.  Unhook your drivers and tune ’till your heart is content.

Probably one of the finest tools I’ll ever own, if only for their raw simplicity and single purpose.  What took nearly 8 hours (with a ‘scope and repeated trials under load – and cigarette breaks) took less than 45 minutes with the SMD CC-1 and DD-1.

That said, let’s delay no longer…. Scavenger…

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