Bill Murray and Me

Every once-in-a-while, I’m known to go on a rant over at Facebook.  Typically, it’s the usual pointless exercise in vomiting-words-on-a-page; which is in one way or another directed at one or all of the electronic critters one calls a ‘friend’ on the site.  (( I’ve only got about 30 facebook ‘friends’ – all but a handful are people I actually know.  Wow – that means I actually use it the way it’s intended!  Go figure… ))

Anyway, Bill Murray and I have a lot in common. (( Random change of topic… ))

Let’s break it down, one item at a time:

  • Bill is a wise ass – I’m a wise ass.
  • Bill made a movie called ‘What about Bob’ – I have been known to repeatedly ask the question ‘What [the f***] about Bob?’
  • If you’re a mid-30′s, attractive woman, and you suspect that there are supernatural beings using your refrigerator as a portal to this Earth, Bill will come over your apartment and wind up having passionate sex with you. – I’m currently dating a mid-30′s, attractive woman, who is fairly certain that I’m not of this world; and the sex is yummy.
  • Pipe-bombs and chainsaws are Bill’s typical varmint-elimination tools – I put an oil pan drain plug in with a 650 pound impact wrench because it seemed convenient at the time.
  • Bill is not ageing well – nor am I.

The similarities are too many to ignore; I will suffer this man’s fate, no doubt.  Getting old, obviously, cannot be avoided.  But just because it’s a foregone conclusion doesn’t mean we should pay the process no respect.  The good, and the bad, sometimes are worth putting in a mental-frame, examining, and ‘juicing’ for every bit of life-enabling-wisdom they contain.

So take a look at this… get past the joke, and look at the two photos as bookends of a man’s finest years.  Then ask yourself what parts of your life that you would hope may fill in that space between, when your time comes.


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