Justice… what’s that?

Little snippet from the Huffington Post…

Sheriff’s deputies in Texas won’t file charges against a father who they say beat an acquaintance to death after allegedly catching him sexually abusing the man’s 4-year-old daughter.

– from The Huffington Post, 2012_0613


In a country that seems to have lost its ethics in favor of ‘touchy-feely-be-kind-to-everyone-ness’, it is refreshing to see someone actually do the right thing and not be put in prison for it.

On the flip side – if you’re a Doctor in Western New York, and you kill a teenager with your car while you’re legally intoxicated, then you get to walk free…

Dr. James G. Corasanti driving his 2010 BMW on his way home from a country club outing and teenager Alexandria “Alix” Rice skateboarding from her job at a pizzeria.

The impact threw the young woman 167 feet, more than half the length of a football field, fracturing her neck and causing other serious injuries.

He drove away. She was left unattended.

A motorist who had just driven past the young woman recalled being alarmed by a car speeding toward him and the skateboarder on the July 8, 2011, night because the approaching car was in the bike lane where she was riding her longboard.

The sound of the impact “was ungodly,” the motorist said, and he turned around to look for her. He found her on a lawn. The 911 call was made at 11:21 p.m. Alix Rice was pronounced dead 42 minutes later in Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital.

Corasanti, 56, drove to his Getzville home less than a mile away and parked his car in the garage.

His home’s security surveillance system showed him running away from his home 28 minutes after the hit-and-run. He eventually turned himself in to Amherst police at a Millersport Highway service station.

As he surrendered 91 minutes after the fatal hit-and-run incident, Corasanti asked, “How’s the girl? Is she dead?”

The case has prompted questions and outrage among people who ask how a doctor could leave an injured 18-year-old to die.

– from The Buffalo News, 2012_0613




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