Gimme Some Locker Love…


So, boredom struck – and a very heavy box full of parts from Randy’s Ring and Pinion later, we’ve got this…


4.56 gearset in a Chrysler Corporate 9 1/4″ rear, with a full blown Detroit Locker (not a True Trac, not a Trac Loc, an actual fully mechanical, clutchless, zero slip, Detroit Locker).

Part numbers for 2001 to 2009 2wd Dodge Ram’s…
– Gearset – Yukon # C9.25-456 (roughly $400)
– Locker – Eaton # 187C-172A (roughly $700)
– Bearing and Shim kit – Yukon # YK C9.25-R-B (roughly $200)
– Fill w/ 2.25 bottles of 75w140 of your favorite synthetic, and let it break in for 300 – 500 miles of steady driving before towing.



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