Dueling Banjos ? … No, Dueling Engineers…


(1:53:01 AM) John Perkins: http://www.movoto.com/il/3415-sangamon-st-steger/461_08054061.htm
(1:53:12 AM) John Perkins: my next door neighbors house
(1:53:16 AM) John Perkins: 25k$
(9:30:00 PM) poweredbydodgev8: “89 bucks per month” … i pay more for fucking internet access. jesus christ. you can’t buy a car for 25 grand… i should move in and apply for that job at at Chrysler’s Kokomo Indiana Engine plant. We could be rival engineers living next door to each other, and in secret build a hybrid “half Dodge / half Ford” vehicle of awesomeness and disaster.


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