Ever wonder WHY we bailed out the Auto Companies?


Have you ever wondered why the American government bailed out the big-3 automotive manufacturers (Ford [who passed on the loan] / GM / Chrysler) ?

The answer is pretty simple, and it has nothing to do with what you may have thought or assumed.  It’s been said that the auto companies were “too big” to fail – that their demise would crush the economy.  Maybe, maybe not.  It’s been said that liberal politicians and labor union chiefs put pressure on every person of power that they could, to exact this “special favor”.

Although the bailout lived under Democrat President Obama, it was born under Republican President Bush II.  Some conveniently forget that tidbit.

The real reason, as we see it, is that no matter any President of Elected Official’s political allegiance, they agree on one thing – the need for / value of America’s Military.  Of which, the ability of that Military to send down rain and fire upon anyone or anything of it’s choosing is highly dependant upon it’s equipment and infrastructure.

While smaller battles and mini-wars (referring only to the -size- of the conflict, there is no intent to diminish the importance of it, or of the lives lost in fighting it) in Iraq and Afghanistan are supplied by various independent manufacturing firms / sources; should an allout war on the scale of WWI / WWII, or any substantial conflict on or near American soil come to fruition, these firms do not have the capacity to output the monstrous provisions required.

There is, however, one very reliable source for manufacturing just about anything…

The same people and equipment that built this…


Chrysler Desoto 0


… well they also built this …


Chrysler Desoto 1


… and this …


Chrysler Desoto 2


… and this …


Chrysler Desoto 3


… and this too …


Chrysler Desoto 4


It’s a liability plan – should all hell break loose, where else would America’s Military turn for supplies?  To offshore manufacturers?  … that’d be terribly hard (and confusing) if the U.S. were at war with them.  Think we’re wrong?  … well, you’re entitled to your opinion – then again, so is Fox News.

***** All images from / property that cool-mamm-jamma, Dave Zatz, over at www.AllPar.com *****

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