Just a note to tide you by…

We here at SpinelliCreations Headquarters – deep in the annals of Mole City, where there’s no light, only the sounds of keyboard keys clicking and clacking away, and over-built Chinese knockoff Scooter engines revving…

We’ve been busy.

Massive updates to the following are on the way:
– SEER (version 1.5 official release has been ready for a while – 1.5.2 is on its way [may skip to *3]).
– mod_OpenOPC – handles memory better; a lot better. We’ve officially forked from OpenOPC, however, it’s a fork of convenience; and, if need be, we can un-fork (or ‘fork-back’, however you may call it). It’s just better – for us – for now. That said, the next version of OpenOPC (which whether included or simply backported for our use) will (read as “should”) include support for OPC-UA architecture. That’s a fat, dirty SHA-POW!
– syphon – tons of updates for WARRIOR integration.

In the next 18 months:
– Grade A Pasteurized compliance with the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (USA: NYS) on the way with RTU device code and instructions on how to live-sync a local to the machine (slave) and remote (company wide – master) mod_OpenOPC / SEER server for failover fault tolerance of mission critical equipment.

And for anyone that needs a little dose of inspiration in the mean-time…

ya - thats what he said

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