It’s Mopar or No-Car… Halftime America, Chrysler 2012

As of 2011′s Eminem impregnated Superbowl tribute to the city – and the country – that made the automobile, and industrial manufacturing as a whole, awesome (yes, awesome – worthy of ‘awe’, in the truest sense of the word) was not poignant enough; Chrysler backed that ad with action…

Under Sergio Marcionne, CEO Fiat SPA (parent company of Chrysler), they refurbished factories and flat out re-built others.  They’ve hired thousands of displaced automotive and skilled trades workers, and even the most loyal Mopar fan-boy will tell you that the Chrysler products of 2011 / 2012 / 2013 are leaps and bounds ahead of their predecessors.

What’s more, Sergio Marcionne and Fiat are not a greedy offshore entity – bent on sucking the lifeblood out of Chrysler and America.  Rather, they – a foreigner – came into Chrysler as a saviour; after American held Cerebrus had tanked the company face-first into the murky oil-bath that is bankruptcy.  Marcionne and Fiat did not need, nor necessarily want the American automotive market.  Rather, they saw it as an opportunity to fix something, right a wrong, and rebuild a once thriving company – and a once thriving culture. If they wanted the market, you’d see Alpha Romeo dealerships popping up every 5 blocks, and vehicles built with Chrysler designed components being sold in direct competition with Chrysler vehicles.  The profits of Chrysler (Dodge / Jeep / Chrysler / Mopar / etc…) are re-invested in Chrysler.  Gone are the days of Daimler-Benz skimming Chrysler profits, bleeding the division dry to funnel funds, R-n-D, and personnel up the chain to Mercedes.  Quite the contrary, joint efforts between Fiat and Chrysler to build commonly beneficial designs have been just that – joint, and commonly beneficial.  The same goes for Fiat’s other pet projects – Ferrari and Alfa Romeo.  Rumor has it the 2013 Dodge Viper will – in no uncertain words – be powered by a drivetrain that’s been re-designed by Chrysler’s Skunkwerks (SRT group), and reviewed / tweaked by Ferrari.  This is not bullshit.  This is the rebirth of an American Legend, with a little help from some Daego Motorheads…

Nothing embodies this state of being, and this philosophy, more than Mamma Mopar’s 2012 Superbowl ad, featuring the beloved Clint Eastwood – speaking heartedly about a subject he holds very dear in his elder years… his country, his people, and the legacy that his generation will leave behind.

If you’re wondering how much the raspy-voiced hero of yester-year was paid for his appearance… not a plug nickel.

Chrysler and Fiat Chief Executive Officer said that Eastwood had directed the payment he would have received for the ad to go to charity.

Marchionne said that gesture gave the advertisement credibility – “So this was not done for financial reasons. There was not a single doubt in my mind that when he spoke on the commercial he was expressing his views”.

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