Fox News: the Network that Couldn’t Cry

Far Right-Wing hypocrites love Johnny Cash – at least that’s what their rider indicates in Article 7, Paragraph 42, Subsection 398.

Johnny tells us that the insensitive and insane will eventually cry without end; and, after 41 days and 41 nights of constant tears, they will die of dehydration. As far as the rest of society is concerned, that day cannot come fast enough for our anti-friends over at Fox and Friends.

The network’s continued verbal abuse of Chaz Bono is becoming something of the ages.  For anyone living under a rock, Chaz Bono is the child of Cher and the deceased Sonny Bono, epically known in the days of Free Love and Great American Muscle Cars as “Sonny and Cher”.

We’re not going to call Chaz ‘transgendered’, because who wants to forever be known as “So-and-so, the transgendered kid of Some-Famous-Person”.  There’s a detached sense of disdain that goes along with that – so we’re just going to call it like it is.  Chaz was born with “girl parts”, but for whatever reason didn’t feel that the “label on the can” matched the “contents inside”.  And while we here at the SC Command Center for All things Philosophical honestly have no idea what we woud do in such a situation, since we have not been in such a situation (Which makes you wonder how many people at Fox News -have- been?  Hmm…), we get the whole idea that it may feel a bit uncomfortable (at first) to learn that Chaz went through years of internal turmoil, self discovery, counseling, and – ultimately – pain (emotional and physical) to come to the decision where he (yes, we said “he”; he’s a “he” now – and he wouldn’t like to be called “she” anymore than Brett Favre or Mitt Romney would – then again…) would have gender changing surgery.

“Ouch”, right?  Well, yes – very “ouch”, for Chaz, but not for you or your socio-political mindset – unless it’s so weak from being built upon lies and F.U.D. that it can’t withstand someone exercising their Truly American Inalienable Right to Be True to Thyne Own Self.  No… never… that couldn’t the case with anyone at Fox News, could it?

We here at SC believe that Chaz Bono should be regarded simply as this… just another B-list celebrity.  He speaks on the rights of the oppressed, and on changing culture / curtailing harassment / and breaking down stereotypes.

The greatest gesture of respect you can give this man is to view him (when on television or the internet or wherever) just as he is, agree or disagree with his opinions just as you would with any other media-type personality, throw a beer at the television and call him a “Frakkin Asshole” or a “Frakkin Genius” (depending on your particular feelings regarding his opinion on whatever he may be talking about at the time), and get way past the business of his ‘business’.



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