Hemi Big Block….. scooter. – part 3

Argh matey – thar be scooter parts fer sale on yonder – http://www.ebay.com/sch/spinellicreations/m.html


Lots of Scooter Parts for Sale…


Recently, we tore down a 2011 Puma Cycle Corp. (PCC) Angel 50 for a massive performance retrofit. In the process of doing so, obviously, many of the stock “oem” parts were permanently removed and are no longer needed (as they’ve been replaced or eliminated due to the performance upgrades).

These parts have a total of about 300 miles (yes, three hundred – it’s a new scooter, what would you expect), so they’re “like new” (but obviously not new – the point is, they’re in extremely good condition).


Terms of Sale:

All sales are final. We do not accept returns or offer refunds. You should consider this sale to be “AS-IS”. We’re not a Scooter Parts Vendor – if you would like a warranty, then by all means, by from an authorized Scooter Parts Vendor such as the great people over at ScrappyDogScooters.com (where we got all our performance gear from). We’re just offering a great deal on some gently used stock / oem parts. No more, no less.



We ship anywhere in the USA and Canada. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs, which should pop up next to the auction price based upon your location. Obviously, the closer you are to New York, the cheaper it is to ship. We prefer to ship USPS as it is the cheapest, however, please refer to the various offered shipping methods to see exactly what we can do for you.


Payment Methods:

We strictly accept PayPal only as a payment method, and will ship only to the “PayPal Confirmed Address”. This is for both your security and ours.

All prices are in US Dollars unless otherwise noted (eBay may do the “automatic conversion” for you, if you’re in Canada – which is fine, we’ll accept whatever eBay’s conversion rate is on currancy at the time of ‘checkout’).


So what’s on the block?

– visit our ebay store at http://www.ebay.com/sch/spinellicreations/m.html

– carburetor / head / jug (cylinder) with piston and rings / ignition cable and coil / trunk ‘lock box’ / camshaft / speedometer (odometer) assembly / roller weights / drive belt / front fender / and more.  (Follow up – we ended up clearing about $250 for all of the ‘pulled’ stock parts that were no longer needed.  Not too shabby, but keep in mind this was only possible because we put ‘almost new’ parts on the auction block [they had less than 300 miles on them] – old components would not be worth the cost of the auction fees.)

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