Hemi Big Block….. scooter. – part 2

Ok, so we tore it down without taking pictures… sue us.

I’ll get them taken prior to reassembling. (Follow up – we never did end up taking pictures prior to reassembly… battery in the digi-cam was dead.)

The good news is, teardown took all of 3 hours – that included removing the entire drive assembly from the scooter.  So, provided all goes well, reassembly should take no more than 3 or 4 hours, and figure another hour to tune it.

For those interested – the “shop manual” for these little Chinese wonders is written in, you guessed it, Chinese / Taiwanese.

A great little website called 49ccscoot.com has taken the time to publish an english-language instruction manual for a ‘big bore install’ (aka. “big block install”).  This includes torque specs and timing reference.

We’ve punched it out into a PDF and posted it here for reference purposes – it is, of course, property of 49ccscoot.com, and in no way is supposed to represent the views, opinions, or reccommendations of SpinelliCreations.com.  In addition, it is assumed that the reader uses this information at their own risk, and that any nefarious mayhem that may occur, such as inadvertantly damaging your scooter engine / your scooter / blowing the motor completely / causing harm or injury to yourself – others – or property, if – of course – NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY of SpinelliCreations or 49ccScoot.  If you don’t know what you’re doing, then don’t bother – have an experienced mechanic perform the work for you.

That said… here you go…


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