Crouching Tiger, Hidden Insurance Adjuster – v.4

In the course of doing some research, we came across this independant study done by The American Association for Justice.

You’ve got to read this…


The article cites comments from former Allstate Insurance Company adjuster, Jo Ann Katzman – “We were told to lie by
our supervisors—it’s tough to look at people and know
you’re lying.”

Wow – ‘told to lie’.  That’s a scary proposition, and a badly binding one at that.

The article goes on to state that – “... in the mid-1990s, McKinsey was tasked with developing a way to boost Allstate’s bottom line.  McKinsey recommended Allstate focus on reducing the amount of money paid in claims, whether or not they were valid.  When it adopted these recommendations, Allstate made a deliberate decision to start putting profits over policy-holders.”

A complete lack of respect for the jurisdiction of American Courts is demonstrated in by an excerpt from page #5…

For four years, Allstate refused to give up copies of the
McKinsey documents, even when ordered to do so repeat-
edly by courts and state regulators. In court filings, the
company described its refusal as “respectful civil disobedi-
ence.”22 In Florida, regulators finally lost their patience
after Allstate executives arrived at a hearing without docu-
ments they had been subpoenaed to bring. Only after
Allstate was suspended from writing new business did the
company, in April 2008, finally agree to produce some
150,000 documents relating to its claim review practices.23
Still, some commentators believe many critical documents
were missing.24

What’s SpinelliCreations’ recommendation if you’re currently resting in “Not-so-good Hands”?

… simple – find a new insurance company – preferably not one of the 10 companies listed in the report.


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