Crouching Tiger, Hidden Insurance Adjuster – v.2

It’s alive — well, sorta.  I finished mechanical repairs to the truck, and now it’s sitting in the body shop.  By the end of next week, they’ll have it spit-clean and shiney.

FYI – quality paint and body work from people who know absolutely what they’re doing… — Schmidt’s Auto Body / Collision.  Pete Haid is nothing short of a conscientious and honest angel from heaven, and being as picky about things as I am, anyone reading this should know that probably the highest compliment I could give to someone in the automotive industry.

Anyway… So I thought some people might like to see how badly Allstate Insurance has shorted us on this claim.  So here it is, the bill, broken down bit by bit.  Note that I would have gladly had my regular mechanic perform the work – but it was going to be up around 14,000 USD (which is ironically what it ended up costing when you factor in my labor, which of course I didn’t have to pay monetarily for – but time is money, and 105 hours of my time sure as hell better be worth something).

So here’s all the tasks needed to fix the truck…

00_02_accident_2011_0722 – TASK LIST OF REPAIRS

And here’s what it cost me…

00_02_accident_2011_0722 – COST OF REPAIRS

… yup, that’s right, $13,282 of damage was caused by the wreck.  So far, Allstate has only made a partial payment of $5,727 — still owing me $7,355 (as of 8/4/2011).  We’ll see if they pay the bill.  The “Made Whole Doctrine” (Google it – very enlightening stuff regarding insurance law, and it has been upheld in New York many times in the past) dictates that they must either repair or replace the vehicle to make the insured / customer ‘whole’ again.  Since a comparable replacement vehicle is going to be between $16,000 and $18,000 (based on internet posted ads / classifieds as of 7/24/2011), one would think they would be wise to jump on the lesser cost of $13,282.

Certification of Repairs is available here…

00_02_accident_2011_0722 – CERTIFICATION OF REPAIRS

And, just for good measure, in case anyone doubt’s me… here’s a zip file with all of the receipts scanned into PDF’s (it’s 20 MB, so be patient)…

00_02_accident_2011_0722 – RECEIPTS FOR PURCHASES

Videos and pictures of the “After” (think Jared from Subway but better) repair truck will be forthcoming in the final installment of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Insurance Adjuster”.



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