Another Busy Week: mod_openopc, S.E.E.R., and Warrior Wallpaper!

Yes, your eyes have not deceived you – we’ve managed to cram two software releases and a bit of Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program) picture doodling into one article.

[1] mod_openopc v-3.1-4b (bugfix release)

Fixes an issue where BRIDGE and SPACEBRIDGE communication routines fail after a scheduled OPC Server reset.  The cause was an overlooked section of code where the ‘check’ for OPC Server state was not properly implemented.  The fix was to mimmic the time-tested method used for other routines (such as READ’s, WRITE’s, and various DAEMON’s).  Enjoy.

Download from

[2] S.E.E.R. (Pre-Release) v-4.37-RC1_PUBLIC

No, that’s not a mistake, “RC-1″ is ‘for real’.  The entire codebase has been audited (twice).  It is now fully sanitized and every HMI / screen validates against the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C’s) HTML Validator, so if you were even remotely concerned with browser cross-compatability (which you shouldn’t have been), we’ve taken the time to prove it out (and that was a bit of time, mind you).

Completed 6 (six) months ahead of schedule – the ‘stripping’ of any proprietary artwork (specifically of any ‘upstream’ Corporate Logo’s) and ‘upstream’ name / title references.  What’s this mean?  It’s completely redistributable, fully compliant with the terms of the GNU AGPL (v3), while at the same time the interests of the ‘upstream’ Corporation are protected.

Deployment and Administration manuals are written (finally) and included with the download (shocked?  We promised them – and you know we deliver on our promises).  The Installer’s manual is still in the works.

The O.E.E. / T.E.E.P. module still needs an audit, and there’s one more plugin to write prior to the actual release, but that’s adding more functionality on top of what’s already here – this RC is suitable for production large scale deployment.

Future models coming in next few months for Boiler (Steam Production) Efficiency, as well as a ‘generic’ 4-Pen Virtual Chart Recorder.  Wastewater Treatment Synergies are being explored also, but part of the long term (not immediate) outlook.

Download from

[3] Warrior Wallpaper!

Idle hands are the devil’s something-something-something.  In that spirit, some fan-art floating around the internet got my attention, and I put the power of GNU’s Gimp (think ‘Photoshop, but free [open source] and for any platform [not just Windows]) to work, creating some slick computer desktop backgrounds.



Note: the original image appeared labeled as fan-contributed without any copyright notice, and so it is assumed to be editable and redistributable.  The following modified images (of various screen sizes) are distributed acknowledging this origin.  The original artist is unknown (if this is ‘you’, or you know who the artist’s name, let us know, we’ll gladly post their credits here).

Here’s the netbook-friendly 604×453 pixel image…

800×600 pixels…

1024×768 pixels…

1280×960 pixels…


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