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So the ‘Guy We Steal Our Quotes From’ (everyone’s favorite Warrior) put together almost an hour of well-thought-out reflection on the place of ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ in society and culture.  Most importantly, he points out (and illiterates through examples pulled from the life of epic-spreader-of-malphesance Terry ‘Hogan’ Bollea) the affects of lacking this understanding (whether it be in the form of morality, a conscience, or some other self-governance).

It is somewhat ironic that the Founding Father of Life Intensity choose to publish this work today, as I was having a similarly themed conversation with a certain someone only moments ago.  The topic was society’s ‘new’ concept of behavior.  You see, there once was a time when doing the ‘Right Thing’ was expected, if not absolutely required.  Doing the ‘Wrong Thing’ was unexpected, looked-down upon, and punished (to varying degrees depending on the level of offense).  Sadly, this is no longer the case.

Example – an elementary school which requires students to wear a uniform with shirts ‘tucked in’ (to promote clean-cut appearance, and to teach students [young children] to take pride in their appearance) will regulary give students ‘Tuck Points’.  These are reward cards given to children (which may be redeemed for various extra privileges around school) when they are found to have their uniform on properly and their shirt properly tucked in.  Students found not in uniform or without their shirt tucked in are not disciplined or corrected.  They’re let to go about their day, unmolested.

We’ve gone from CORRECTING bad behavior with DISCIPLINE to REWARDING good behavior.  Talk about ass-backwards!

The reward of good behavior and good living is just that – a good life!  It’s a self-rewarding mechanism that does not require outside intervention.  The only incentive necessary for doing the ‘Right Thing’ is the eventual positive or ‘just’ outcome that will follow, which admittedly is not always immediate, but that’s the point!  We’ve allowed our children, and thus our society, to fall into this pit of immediate gratification where acting ‘Right’ requires some sort of award or medal of honor.  My God, my God, what have we come to?

Do not accept the ill without repute.  I call upon everyone to become a Renaissance Man – hell, it’s not hard.  These days you can be a ‘Saint’ by simply doing what our parents did every day!


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