Chrysler / Fiat: 70 Good Jobs in Trenton – That’s a Good Start.

Hijacked this thread from our buddy Dave over at – looks like Chrysler / Fiat is getting ancy with the Mexico based supplier of camshafts for the PentaStar Six-Banger.



As you may or may not know – the Pentastar Six is the first motor engineered in the USA to come out of the Mopar-ized Fiat (or Fiat-ized Mopar?… wait… how about Panda-ized Mopar [an homage to the Fiat Panda, a cute little muck-about-town vehicle - not so much for me, but I can see other's enjoying it very much]), and it is used in pretty much everything they build.

Want one in a Jeep?  Ok.

Want one in an Avenger? Ok.  Challenger?  Ok.  Charger?  Sure, why not.  Durango and Dakota?  Of course!

300?  Yup.  Town and Country?  Pretty sure…

It’s the all purpose power-plant (remember how Iacocca had a chip on his shoulder for the 318 – stuffing it in anything and everything; well this is about the same line of thinking [in a good way]).  Packing a hefty wallop of get-up-and-go juice, the just-under-4 litre wonder produces substantially more power and torque than the late 1990′s 360 LA motors did.  Ya, frightening isn’t it?  And it does it all with very good gas mileage.

So – I’m happy to see production for parts getting moved back up yonder to Michigan.

Here’s to one more piece of Mamma Mopar being “IMPORTED FROM DETROIT”.

Check out Dave’s news snippet —

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