The return of TSMC: ya we’re surprised too.


The Space Monkey Chronicles spc. ed.:

Bein’ Right ain’t Wrong

It’s been a long road; lot of ‘em just up and died right there.
That’s allright though; better off without.
Comes a time, from time to time, when you’ve got to pack it up.
Not for the moment, but to hold onto what little’s left in the tank.

You’ll need it, eventually, all but guarantee that.
A river of shit between tolerance and everything that you’re not.

Couple summers pass; might’a been the way to go.  Stings less now.
Few more, and start forgetting what it was all about.
Common ground, common goals, common sense… all too common.
Right about now, cut out your tongue for a shot of 19-somethin’-somethin’.

’bout time you realized noone lives forever; shit deal.  Just how it is.
Stark cryin’ shame took so long to understand; it’s the ‘how’ not the ‘how long’.

Dust off; try to turn ‘er over.  Seven fire; lucky seven.
Rattlin’, rich, stumblin’, and smoking.
Goin’ to be a short run, but you knew that from the get go.
Feels good though; feels like home, wherever that was.

This is it; ’round and back, one more time.
Better make it count; better make it right.


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