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May 3rd, 2011 – bugfix releases for both mod_openopc and syphon.  Excerpt from the Revision History follows…

build = 52    mod_openopc
version = 3.14
revision = a

Fix for potential bug – we observed the possibility in syphon that long periods of inactivity (days) resulted in what appeared to be a mysql database socket connection timeout.  There is a keepalive instruction, which basically just sends a ‘show tables’ command to the db engine – this is the same instruction in both mod_openopc and syphon.  However, since it didn’t work for syphon, there’s no reason to trust it in mod_openopc.  Here’s an excerpt from the syphon revision history file…

>> build = 14    syphon
>> version = 0.1-6
>> revision = a
>> bugfix – mysql keepalive instruction
>> was unsuccessful, or at least that
>> is why we believe that after long
>> periods of inactivity syphon will
>> fail to resume data logging after
>> activity starts up again (mysql
>> socket timeout).  The
>> syphon_fault_unk() function is
>> deprecated by syphon_fault_recycle()
>> function, which recycles both the
>> telnet connection and the mysql db
>> socket connection every 5 minutes
>> during periods of inactivity.  It
>> also handles faulted instructions by
>> dumping and then re-establishing
>> telnet and db comm.

This build of mod_openopc attempts to implement a similarly revised keepalive method.  Upon trigger, rather than issue a query to keep the socket current, the socket will be closed, flushed if necessary, and re-established prior to proceeding.

Additionally, fixed a calling error in the MAINT_DB routine, where it would not accept the db name argument.  Updated the user guide to match.

Download mod_openopc here …


Download syphon here …



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