The 21st Century’s J.F.K. – President Obama

A man worthy of America’s respect, admiration, and thanks – President Obama.

In the few years since he’s been in office, the President has managed to pass Health Care Reform (and is still working on the larger Public Option goal), reduce our Military Presence in Afghanistan and Iraq, revitalize the Economy (we were on a steady downward trend – the fact that we’ve leveled off and recovered a little requires – by sheer mathematics alone – that the trend is now upward), and now – after 10 years of waiting – he has brought Osama bin Laden to Justice.

He inspired millions on the campaign trail, and now he’s proven the nay-sayers wrong – he believes, like we all want to believe, that America can Change – can experiece True Change for the Betterment of every Citizen.

As a Nation, we can be, and should be, proud of – and heartened by – our Leader.

He’s the 21st Century John F. Kennedy – an inspiration and living example of what Can Be when one man believes, truly in his heart, that he can Make a Difference.

Here’s a clip of the President at the 2011 Correspondant’s Dinner (a laid-back night when pundits and politicians sit down together and joke around in good spirit).







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