WANTED: Snappy Music Videos – Dead or Alive

MTV turned into a reality network, then they bought VH1.  Remember “The Box” (formerly “The Jukebox”) where you could request a song for $1.00 or $2.00 per play?  What about CMT, you say?  Yup, that’s gone too.

They’re all dead.

So what’s left?  Not much – the illustrious internet has become the one and only bastion for the once dead artform of the Music Video.  However, given that the perceived return on investment is not what it once was (that being the motivation to buy the album; now gone in a culture where buying albums is considered ‘lame’), the quality of the videos is often less than one might hope for.

So here’s a call to artistic arms.  Cool videos are fun and viral way to spread  your message – even if your message is as simple and trivial as “cute girls in leather are fun to look at”.


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