syphon – Release v-0.1-6 PUBLIC



The latest and greatest syphon is brewed for your enjoyment.  Version 0.1-6 PUBLIC adds a new subroutine called “SEER_CHECKWEIGHERMODEL_V2″, which logs the Machine (Scale or Checkweigher) Operator’s name (User ID) on the fly for each recorded entry.

To ensure backward compatability, subroutine “SEER_CHECKWEIGHERMODEL_V1″ still remains, for those who continue to use the current S.E.E.R. pre-release.  However, advised that as of S.E.E.R. build #16 (version 4.36) the Checkweigher Model has been updated to version 2 (Codename: Leda [replacing version 1 - Codename: Eudamidas]).  Current and future syphon builds will support S.E.E.R. builds prior to 4.36 with the “…V1″ subroutine, and 4.36 and newer with the “…V2″ subroutine.  Preset files are identical for both subroutines.

New S.E.E.R. pre-release is not yet available for PUBLIC issue, however you can get the syphon release here…

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