Advertising – the lack of modern creativity

Remember when advertising was actually well-aimed and of high quality?

Topic or product aside, as some of you may take issue with smoking and / or tobacco products, the focus here is not to advocate smoking but to use an iconic advertisement from the past (that almost anyone can remember) and draw upon it.

Here’s the Marlboro Man.

You remember, that guy who worked 12 hour days on the ranch, put in another 5 hours as a bar-back, and still had time to work on his pick-em-up truck.  This is the guy who proved (mythically of course, not in any realm of reality) that takin’ in a lil’ poison was “gid fer ya, long as ye kin tek’ it”.

He could ride a horse better than you, shoot a gun straighter than you, throw a football farther than you, and at the drop of a hat he could mozy on up and carry your girlfriend off to have hours and hours of intense love making under the stars – only to disappear into the night and never be heard from again; like a ghost – a dirty smelly ghost.


marlboro_man advert

All that – yes, all of that, from some good photography, imagery, and CREATIVE THINKING!  None of which can be found in Pop Media now-a-days.

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