Total Contrast: the guy we steal our quotes from…

As a follow up to the previous article – which included a video link to the Charlie Sheen Epic Winning Music Video “Bangin’ Seven Gram Rocks”, here’s the absolute polar opposite.

Here’s an example of a person who has done with their life what they’ve specifically chosen to do – their way – on their terms – and taken heat for it every step of the way; ultimately coming out on top.

So, if you take anything from this, realize that you can walk the hard road and be derided for doing things “your way”; but you can do so for illl – and wind up a strung out addict at 50 years old, or you can do so for good, virtuous, and positive reasons – and wind up a 50 year old living embodiment of all that you stand for, proving both the validity and value of your ideals as well as inspiring others to plug-in to their-own-self rather than the social norm.


PS – anyone who knows where to get the entire 2009 NWE title match on DVD, shoot a line to The Admin.

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