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OpenOffice dot Org – WTF happened?

Late 2011 – Oracle, those megalomaniacs that they be, went and dumped OpenOffice dot Org onto the Apache Software Foundation.  Why?  We really couldn’t tell you ‘why’, at least not for certain. But, if we had to guess, it would … Continue reading

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A note from Johnny Turbo

Long time friend of SpinelliCreations and ‘adjunct professor of awesomeness’, Johnny Turbo, has come up with a perpetual energy / perpetual motion machine. See, below, the greatness.  This is right up there with “let’s use air to generate vacuum, and … Continue reading

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Just a note to tide you by…

We here at SpinelliCreations Headquarters – deep in the annals of Mole City, where there’s no light, only the sounds of keyboard keys clicking and clacking away, and over-built Chinese knockoff Scooter engines revving… We’ve been busy. Massive updates to … Continue reading

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