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Just enough Snot to get out of its own Way

Ahh, the venerable Chrysler Corp. Slant Six engine.  Gaze upon it, in all its push-rod, 2-barrel carburetor, overzealous-orange-paint glory! Truth be told, I owned one; and it was far from a bad little motor.   Dogged for years by a reputation … Continue reading

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CentOS – yes, Scientific Linux – not so much, ehhh?

We’ve added a new mirror –, and oh I can hear the clammoring now. ‘But the PentiumSlayer1 and StorageSlayer1 servers run Fermi/Cern Scientific Linux… Have you no loyalties at all sir!’ The short answer is ‘Get over it.’ The … Continue reading

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The Big Climb – 2011: What are you going to do?

Rob Zmitrewicz January 18 at 10:01pm Hey Spinelli, So guess what? I’m doing the Big Climb for Leukemia again this year. This is where I run up the stairs of the tallest building in Seattle — a little bit to … Continue reading

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Fire Sale!

Just kidding, it’s a Grand Re-Webbing (it’s like re-opening, but not) extravaganza! November 1st through December 31st 2010, receive 40% off -everything- that’s right, every service offered by SpinelliCreations between Nov. 1st and Dec. 31st 2010 is 40% off. Check … Continue reading

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The Emperor’s New Clothes

Site update, including new layout, new logos, and new content.

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