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Right and Wrong still matter – I don’t care what anyone says.

From… Integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions. Somebody basically molests your significant other – you … Continue reading

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Dueling Banjos ? … No, Dueling Engineers…

  (1:53:01 AM) John Perkins: (1:53:12 AM) John Perkins: my next door neighbors house (1:53:16 AM) John Perkins: 25k$ (9:30:00 PM) poweredbydodgev8: “89 bucks per month” … i pay more for fucking internet access. jesus christ. you can’t buy … Continue reading

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Gigi Spinelli

  July 02, 1997 – April 20, 2012 – Good Dog – Bad Puddy Cat   Being awoken from afternoon siesta by fat guy singing “Poopy Pants” song… (2010)     Slurrrrrrrrrrp… (2007)     Fat Yoda… (2005)    

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The ‘State’ of the State’s Schools

  National Public Radio reports: a New York State exam poses questions for students which require said students to analyse behaviour and utilize critical thinking / reasoning.  The concept, itself, seems like a good one – test students’ capacity for … Continue reading

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Ever wonder WHY we bailed out the Auto Companies?

  Have you ever wondered why the American government bailed out the big-3 automotive manufacturers (Ford [who passed on the loan] / GM / Chrysler) ? The answer is pretty simple, and it has nothing to do with what you … Continue reading

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OpenOffice dot Org – WTF happened?

Late 2011 – Oracle, those megalomaniacs that they be, went and dumped OpenOffice dot Org onto the Apache Software Foundation.  Why?  We really couldn’t tell you ‘why’, at least not for certain. But, if we had to guess, it would … Continue reading

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A note from Johnny Turbo

Long time friend of SpinelliCreations and ‘adjunct professor of awesomeness’, Johnny Turbo, has come up with a perpetual energy / perpetual motion machine. See, below, the greatness.  This is right up there with “let’s use air to generate vacuum, and … Continue reading

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Just a note to tide you by…

We here at SpinelliCreations Headquarters – deep in the annals of Mole City, where there’s no light, only the sounds of keyboard keys clicking and clacking away, and over-built Chinese knockoff Scooter engines revving… We’ve been busy. Massive updates to … Continue reading

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It’s Mopar or No-Car… Halftime America, Chrysler 2012

As of 2011′s Eminem impregnated Superbowl tribute to the city – and the country – that made the automobile, and industrial manufacturing as a whole, awesome (yes, awesome – worthy of ‘awe’, in the truest sense of the word) was … Continue reading

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Squirrely-wrath, may you fall squarely upon the Non-Religious Religious.

We here at the wonderful world of SC have always had a special place in Hell reserved for the Non-Religious Religious. These are the Bible / Koran / Torah / Lavar Burton Reading Rainbow Book of the Week – thumping, … Continue reading

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